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About Us

Who are we?

We are certified tennis stringers located in Mississauga, Ontario

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Why choose us?

  • We are certified professionals, experienced and we are trusted. We string a countless number of racquets. As tennis players ourselves, we make sure stringing is top notch and that you will be satisfied.

Why get your racquet strung by us?

  •  We offer same-day stringing. With our Gamma stringing machine, you can be sure you will get the perfect string tension that matches your exact needs. The electronically controlled constant pull tensioner has a 9 to 90 lb / 4 to 43 kg range. This stringing machine features diamond-coated string clamps with a unique self-locking adjustment knob to hold strings that need less clamping pressure. It also has a 6-point Quick Mount System designed to keep your racquet securely in place while we install your new strings.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love hearing from you so we can make Topspin Tennis Stringing better for everyone!

What is your average racquet tournaround time?

The average turnaround for a racquet to be strung is about the same day to 48 hours.

How should I contact you to get my racquet strung?

You can message us at (416) 824-5864 or email us at topspintennisstringing@gmail.com.

Do I need to bring my own strings?

No, you do not need to bring your own strings although you can. We have a large collection of tennis strings for beginners to tennis professionals.

Get your Racquet Strung by Certified Professionals

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